Our 2019 Virtuoso Travel Week Recap

In case you missed it, we have recently returned from the most important travel industry event of our calendar year. Eight members of our Elegant Journeys team headed to Las Vegas in mid-August to attend the ultimate annual global travel community gathering. Virtuoso Travel Week is a high-energy and action-packed week-long event, where we focus our attention on the evolving marketplace conversation between our expert advisors and our preferred partners—essentially allowing us to make a buying trip on your behalf.

With over 107 countries and 2,209 companies in attendance, this year’s Virtuoso Travel Week has been the largest in Virtuoso’s 31-year history. Our destination specialists participated in 224,668 four-minute assigned appointments and 53,724 ten-minute matched appointments, hand-selected by them based upon their specialties and your travel interests. Spanning three hotels with 495,500 square feet of meeting space, Virtuoso Travel Week is composed of travel’s best of the best, exclusive information about what’s up and coming, and what’s new at our favorite properties and destinations. Outside of our daily assigned and matched appointments, we also attended many of the 853 separate events hosted by preferred partners to network and continue to grow our relationships, as well as foster new ones to further expand your travel benefits through our connections.

The wealth of knowledge we gain at Virtuoso Travel Week allows us to better serve you and continue to be the best at what we do. So how do we do it? A lot of coffee, passion, and commitment to making your next travel experience the best yet! If you are looking for updates on a destination or particular property, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-245-1950, and we will be happy to chat about our week.

Below are a few snippets of the highlights of our whirlwind week in Vegas.

Mollie Fitzgerald visiting with Victoria Hilley and Catherine Heald and the Remote Lands Team.

Ashley LaPier assists The White Barn Inn’s executive chef, Daniel, with cooking prep during Community Globetrotting.

Mollie Fitzgerald with friends from The Goring Hotel (one of our favorites in London), General Manager Stuart Geddes and U.S. representative Rebecca Slater.

Ashley LaPier, Melissa McClain, and Shelley Sistek at the Opening Ceremony of Virtuoso Travel Week.

Vicki Abel, Shelley Sistek, Jaye Austin, and Joyce Larkin (left to right) kicking off Virtuoso Travel Week at The Opening Ceremony.

Tarquin Millington-Drake’s “Antarctic Greetings” earned an honorable mention in the 2019 Virtuoso Photo and Video Contest.

Mollie with Ashley Johnson and Jane McGee (sporting their Scottish tweeds) from Gleneagles, one of our favorite properties in Scotland.

Mollie Fitzgerald at dinner with Joss Kent, ardent conservationist and CEO of andBeyond.

The Frontiers Elegant Journey team celebrates the end of the week-long assigned and matched appointments.

The Frontiers Elegant Journey team celebrates the end of the week-long assigned and matched appointments.

The Frontiers team at the closing night Gala Dinner celebrating the end of Virtuoso Travel Week!

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